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LOG IN's systems are already being used by various doctors. It has been specifically tailored to fit the needs of various medical specialists. We have invested a lot of time in research to come up with up-to-date technology. Still, our prices are very affordable
Paediatrician. 14 years and running.
Cardiologist. 20+ years and running.
General Practitioner. 10+ years and running.
Diabetologist. Created in 2018.
Dentist. 10+ years and running.


Log In's Patients Database System features has been specifically tailored to fit the needs of various medical specialists.
Patient History
Find a patient fast. Search by name, or part of a name
Patient Visits
Find last visit, or any previous visit. Unlimited history of visits at your fingertips. Add complaints, diagnosis and many more to each visit.
Long gone are the days where a doctor would write prescriptions manually. The software memorizes drugs prescribed, as well as dosage, frequency and duration. No more errors while reading prescriptions!
Log In's Patients Database System cater for appointments. While sitting in your surgery, you know how many and for how long your patients are waiting for consultation. It has an AI for an effective queue management
Access it anywhere!
Access your system from wherever you are! You are at the clinic and need to view your system, no problem!
Security & Confidentiality
Log In Systems have been on the market 27 years while others have quit the market. The confidentiality of your systems is as good as our own reputation. We have taken strict security measures to protect data integrity.
Available on any device
Log In's Patients Database System has been designed to be cross-platform. Hence, it is accessible on your Windows PC, your Android Mobile and your Mac as well!
Manage your finances
If you wish to, you can input your fees into the system as well. A comprehensive report is generated at your convenience.
Other Cool Features
Write letters, input investigation details into patients' records, siblings matching, among others.

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